If you want to live a happy life,

tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.

Albert Einstein

Everything is energy,

Albert Einstein

and that is all there is to it.

Curved terrain provides endless possibilities,

for those who are able to see them.

Bridging the gap

between theoretical assumptions and practical benefits...

Innovation requires teamwork

and an open mind.

Every second the world emits a football stadium worth of carbon dioxide.

So making money doesn't seem the only reason for investing in solar energy...

The most powerful of all natural resources can be exploited

in many profitable ways...

We'd be happy to explain how.

Just follow the road to endless oportunities.

Enjoy the ride.

The sun always shines, even at night...


In one hour the sun produces 1.4 x 10^31 Joules of energy

Free of charge!

(or 3.8 x 10^23 kilowatt-hours),

easily exceeding Earth's annual needs.

Imagine the effects of combining

sustainability, large volumes and low risks...

The best way to have a good idea

is to have a lot of ideas.

Linus Carl Pauling

We don't promise profitability, based on trends or intuition;

we simply forecast, based upon realistic calculations.







We offer our services on a fully contingent basis. Fees are due only once a transaction has been completed. Success fee to be paid by the buying party after the concerning shares or assets have been transferred. 

Purchase of PV Projects:

Under development / Ready to build (Primary market): 0,01 €/Watt-peak
Grid connected (Secondary market):  1,5% of Purchase Agreement value